Man Shoves A Girl To The Ground For Standing Up To Him. But Her Response Is GOLD.

There are a few things in the world that I still haven’t figured out. Displaying overt rudeness in public is one of them. First – it’s just wrong. Second, it will get you nowhere. Well, the man in this story hopefully learnt both those lessons rather fast. Perhaps he was having a bad day, but that’s no excuse for his terrible behavior at this coffee shop. The story itself appears to be fictional – or perhaps ‘based’ on true events but without being exactly true in the way it all happens. Regardless, it was definitely worth the read. Scroll below to see for yourself.

(My friend and I head to a coffee shop. When we get there, there’s a customer screaming at the barista.)

Customer: “You useless little s***! How hard is it to make a d*** drink? I’m going to ring your manager; I’m going to complain to head office…”

(He continues making threats. The poor girl behind the counter is pretty much in tears. My friend’s patience runs out.)

My Friend: “Oi, mate! I don’t know what’s going on here, but screaming isn’t helping things.”

Customer: “Mind your own business, b****!

My Friend: “What did you call me?”

(The customer turns back around to my friend. The customer is a pretty big guy, six foot, and fairly wide. My friend is five four, female, and fairly unimposing. He squares up to her.)

Customer: “I called you a b**** who should learn to mind her own business. Now p*** off!” (The customer shoves her.)

My Friend: “Don’t touch me.”

Customer: “Or what?”

(The customer goes to shove her again. My friend grabs his arm, turning with it, and throws him to the ground hard enough to wind him. She puts her foot over his crotch.)

My Friend: “Or you learn I have a black belt in judo. Apologize to the nice lady now.”

(The customer apologizes, but the police are still called. My friend and I get a free lunch!)

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