Meet the 6ft 9″ Mongolian model who says she has the longest legs in the world

When Rentsenkhorloo ‘Ren‘ Bud was younger she felt uncomfortable being taller than everyone else; in first grade she was the same height at her teacher.

But now the 29-year-old from Mongolia stands at 6ft 9 inches tall and loves her height.

Ren has 52.8 inch legs and says they are the longest in the world.

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“When I was younger I felt so bad about my height but now I’m older I feel much better about my height and more comfortable with my body,” she told Truly.

Rentsenkhorloo, or Ren, comes from a tall family; her mom is just over 6ft tall and her dad is 6ft 10 inches.

After difficult teenage years which involved episodes of bullying Ren now lives in the U.S. and works as a model.

She’s learned to embrace her height; she also wears high heels so she’s even taller.

Ren acknowledges the advantages of being tall, even for practical purposes like being able to reach the top shelf in her kitchen but also recognizes the disadvantages.

“I hate hitting my head on doorways and finding clothes is really challenging,” explains Ren who says with size US 13 feet shoes are not easy to find.

But all this outweighs the compliments she gets from people, often asking her if she’s a model.

“I feel like I’m a star, because usually people stop and want to take a picture with me. I don’t usually like the attention, but it seems I can’t avoid it because I’m so tall,” she said.

Finding clothes is really challenging. My shoe size is US 13 and you can’t find any shoes in Asia and even in Mongolia and Korea,” she said.

Ekaterina Lisina from Russia currently holds the Guinness world record for having the world’s longest pair of legs.

But Ren believes she has the longest pair of legs but has no desire to enter the Guinness World Records.

Ren is an inspiration to all those who think they have to fit some stereotypical norm to be beautiful. Her confidence is contagious.

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