Mother of three breastfeeds her husband, claims it’s an ’emotional bonding thing’

A husband and wife have caught the attention of quite a few people after they shared the unusual thing that has brought them closer and made their marriage stronger.

It all began in 2017 when Rachel Bailey, 30, was nursing one of her children and went on a cruise with her husband Alexander, 30. She was over-lactacting and in that moment the couple’s only solution was for Alexander to help relieve the pressure.

“I forgot my breast pump and was badly engorged for two days. I was in so much pain and I was scared about getting an infection, so we decided that my husband was going to try drinking the milk to relieve me,” she said.

Rachel admitted the couple was “nervous” about it at first, “but as soon as we did it, we realized it was perfectly fine.”

Although Alexander said the breastmilk tasted “really different” than how he expected, he reportedly now prefers it to cow’s milk.

Although it may be seen as a taboo subject, the couple realized it was beneficial for both Rachel and Alexander.

“We realized there was nothing wrong with me breastfeeding him, and it would actually be good for him as it is so nutritious,” she said. “He didn’t get a cold for two years after he started drinking my milk and so many people said his skin was so much better too”

The husband and wife insist it’s “not a kink,” rather it allows them to spend more quality time together, bringing them closer as a couple.

“It turned into more of an emotional bonding thing.”

After Rachel gave birth to the couple’s third child, she once again found herself over-lactacting. Alexander was there to help relieve her pain by drinking her breastmilk three to four times a day.

Rachel and Alexander realize the judgment that could come along with sharing their story, but they’re not ashamed.

“Nothing bad has come from it at all, so why should it be something that is hidden?”

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