Nobody Believes 11-Year-Old Can Sing Like Whitney Houston. After 2 Words, The Jury Is Completely Blown Away.

11-year-old Serena Rigacci from Italy had always dreamed of singing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” on stage. She got her chance in the television program “Next Star” – and my, did she take it. Needless to say, the classic is an extremely difficult song to sing, especially when you’re just 11. But Serena does not need to utter more than two words before I am completely blown away, and the jury is on its feet. Honestly, I simply can’t believe this girl is 11. It’s almost shocking. Her control, soulfulness, and simple, angel-like voice just made my jaw drop. Listen for yourself and don’t forget to like and share if you think others might enjoy discovering the voice of an angel today.

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