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Paralympic Athletes Go Undercover In A Gym And Stun Everyone There.

Many people are probably familiar with some of the greatest athletes at the international level. Say Usain Bolt and most people have heard his name. Or how about Zlatan Ibrahimovic? Both athletes will probably compete at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro at the beginning of August. But there’s also another Olympics that takes place in the shadows of the Summer Olympics—the Paralympics. The Paralympics are only open to people with physical disabilities such as impaired muscle power, mobility, or vision loss. Many people have not yet realized what amazing athletes these people are, simply because these Olympians look a little different. But you should be careful not to judge people based on their looks. The team behind the 2016 Paralympics sent powerlifting champion Luciano Dantas, runner Vinicius Rodrigues, and judo champion Lucia Teixeira to a gym in Rio de Janeiro and set up hidden cameras to capture people’s reactions. And although many gym-goers were confused at first, their confusion soon became surprise and finally admiration. Talk about getting an eye-opener!

I hope this video can help change people’s views of athletes with disabilities. Share it to continue the love. Together, we can help some people change their minds and understand these wonderfully talented and dedicated athletes!

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