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She Expected A Normal Baby, But When She Sees Her Son? She’s Dumbfounded!

Having a child is among the biggest things that can happen in a person’s life. But sometimes that birth doesn’t go quite as planned. This is one such example. Baby Silas, who was born three months premature, was still in the amniotic sac when he was born. The amniotic sac is the thin membrane that surrounds the fetus before it is born. It normally bursts before the baby is born and it is what an expectant is referring to when she says that her “water just broke.” But that didn’t happen when little Silas was born. When the doctors picked him up, he was still enclosed in the sac. “Even though it sounds clichéd, we caught our breath. It really felt like a moment of awe… and one that will stick in my moment for some time,” doctor William Binder told the Daily Mirror. According to CNN, this occurs about once in every 80,000 births, so it seems fair to call Silas’ birth a true miracle. While the little boy himself was obviously unaware that his birth was special, the world has not forgotten.The clip, which is one year old now, has recently started circulating and when you see this incredible birth, you’ll understand why. See Little Silas’ incredible birth in the clip below, but understand that it contain graphic images.  

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