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The Small House Is Only 9 Square Meters. But When I See The Inside… Incredible!

To borrow – and remake – an expression from my all time favorite movie Forrest Gump: “Small houses are like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’ll get.” When you see this house you may think that it’s a hot dog cart. But the owner made an amazing job rebuilding it. Despite it’s size, it’s possible to live pretty decently in there. Okay, you may not have the occasional bubble bath, but the majority of the things you need is in there. Check out this awesome house!    

The designer of this cute little house, Graham Berry, calls his creation “Life in the woods at Walden”, from the famous book by Henry David Thoreau (1854).


The house is indeed minimum size with only nine square meters.


But the inside is remarkable. Perfect for people who enjoys life on the road. It’s easy to move and put up wherever or whenever you want.


It’s equipped with a bed, a bathroom, and a kitchen.


Isn’t it neat? Rustic, bohemian and minimalistic.


The white walls gives you the feeling that it’s more spacious than it really is. Take notice of the expandable dinner table to the left. Clever!




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