These Mind-Bending Sculptures Are Not What You Think. Amazing!

Chinese artist Li Hongbo’s unique approach to sculpture took years of experimentation and trial and error to perfect. Now, the artist’s efforts are being recognized worldwide. At first, I was convinced Li carves his sculptures out of plastic, but in truth, he makes them out of super-thin sheets of paper that he glues together. The process takes up to five months to complete, which is impressive in itself. But I was dumbfounded when I saw the secrets that each of Li’s sculptures has to tell.  

Li’s sculptures are currently on display at the Klein Sun Gallery in New York, where gallery staff are on hand to show eager visitors the potential that Li’s sculptures hide within.

This is no easy task, as it takes immense strength and care to manipulate Li’s art.

“It’s a relatively heavy piece,” says Amy, who works at the gallery. “Your core muscles and biceps are really working.”

To see what Amy does to one of Li’s sculptures, watch this video but a word of warning: prepare to be amazed!

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