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This Farmer Risked His Life And Saved 30 Acres Of Agricultural Land From The Flames.

A few years ago, a thunderstorm caused several major fires to break out as lightning struck in rural Weld County, Colorado. The fires spread quickly and acre after acre of farmland was consumed. Most resident were left with nothing to do except watch their harvests and source of income literally go up in flames  One local resident, a farmer named Eric Howard, did had a different response. When he saw the fields get swallowed by flames, Eric decided to take matters into his own hands. With his life at stake, he jumped onto his tractor and tried to try to save as many crops as possible. A film crew managed to capture the brave farmer as he used his tractor and a set of discs to plough up a firebreak just a few feet from the blaze. It’s a sight I’ll never forget. Eric really threw himself into this extremely dangerous situation. If the wind had changed course, he probably would’ve been caught in the sea of ​​fire. Luckily, it all went well and Eric’s heroic effort saved not only 30 acres of his own land, but also many acres of other people’s land, as well. This farmer deserves a medal for bravery!

This video was uploaded on YouTube in 2013 and has since received nearly five million views.These farmers are definitely some of society’s most unexpected heroes! Please share if you agree!

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