This Russian Artist Creates Such Lifelike Dolls That It’s Almost Scary.

Art is fascinating. And I love that there are so many different styles. Sometimes, art is so abstract that I hardly understand at all what it represents. But sometimes it is very realistic. Almost too realistic. That’s certainly the case for this Russian artist, Michael Zajkov, who creates dolls that are so lifelike that it is almost scary. Impressive!

Michael Zajkov graduated from Kuban State University in southern Russia in 2009. He pursued further studies following his graduation, while working at a puppet theatre. In 2013, his own success took off with his “Art dolls” exhibition in Moscow. And it’s not hard to see why once you take a look at his dolls. The extremely talented artist now has 174,000 followers on Instagram.

Michael Zajkov uses polymer clay for the majority of his dolls. The eyes are made of glass from Germany, and he uses French mohair for the hair. The result is breathtaking! And maybe a little scary as the dolls look so real.

Take a look for yourself below.

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