Tourists lose their caravan on their way out of the campsite – then a miracle occurs

Tourists lose their caravan on their way out of the campsite – then a miracle occurs

Not much can compare to a wonderful camping trip. That sense of freedom of arriving and traveling around without any stress or pressure — just taking things one day at a time while enjoying nature, campsites and life on the road.

But while everything about camping is rather wonderful, driving a camper around can be anything but. Dragging one behind your car can be bumpy, noisy, and makes driving all the more difficult. 

Parking is especially a challenge if you’ve got one of these hoisted behind your car. But what you have to be careful of at all times is to make sure it is properly fastened behind your vehicle…. just ask this family!

A clip was posted on Facebook just recentl, but has already been shared by the thousands.

In it, we see, through surveillance cameras, a family drive out of Camping site la Durance in the French city of Cavaillon.

But, as everyone knows, it can easily get a little stressful on days of departure. You’ve barely lifted a finger all week, and now suddenly you have to put all your things together and get ready to go.

That’s perhaps how this family felt as they prepared to drive out. They did not latch their camper on properly, and within seconds of them driving out, it can be seen terrifyingly rolling back down the road at high speed…

Luckily what unfolds next is nothing short of a miracle. Not only does no human or even vehicle appear to be harmed, everything ends rather… perfectly.

Have a look for yourself below:

Un petit miracle. Il faut le voir pour le croire

Publicerat av Johanna Van Deursen den 11 augusti 2017

Wow. You just have to see this to believe it, don’t you! So don’t hesitate to share this video with all your friends so that they can believe it too! 

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