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Two Active Grandmas Do A Spectacular Version Of “The Whip” Dance Move.

When a nurse at a senior living facility in Georgia heard hip-hop music booming out of the rec room, she thought something seemed out of place and rushed to the source of the music. But when she reached the rec room, the nurse was in for a delightful surprise. She found two great-grandmas having a genuinely good time and getting in some quality exercise, too. The nurse couldn’t help but smile as she watched the two best friends shake their hips to 2015 hip-hop dance hit “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).” And when you watch the video below, you’ll see how joyful and infectious their dancing really is. With the dancing grandmas’ permission, the nurse filmed a short clip and uploaded it to Facebook. She only ever intended to share it with her friends and family to show them how happy the residents of this senior living facility are. Little did she know that these lovely senior ladies and their hip-hop dance moves would rack up 26 million views and 600 thousand shares on Facebook. But one thing is clear—while some people might call these ladies “old,” they’re still young at heart and their youthful attitude shows that age is nothing more than a number. Check out these adorable dancing grandmas and their sweet dance moves below!  

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