Viral Video Shows Why American Kids Need More Time Outdoors.

Spending time outdoors—its many proven benefits range from restored mental energy and stress relief to improved concentration, sharper thinking, and creativity. And what better time for children to reap these benefits than during recess? Sadly, though, many American students have are losing out as 40 percent of U.S. school districts have reduced or cut out recess. Now a viral video by ATTN: is questioning the wisdom of keeping children indoors. It compares the American and European approach to recess—and the difference couldn’t be bigger. Europeans view recess as an opportunity to experience the outdoors. And it doesn’t matter if the weather is cold, either. A bit of time in the cold still provides all the benefits nature has to offer. But it’s not just the amount of time spent outdoors that matters (American kids average only seven minutes per day)—it’s also how they spend the time. European parents let their children to play unsupervised. And they don’t worry about their kids while they are outside. They see it as a way for their children to learn to manage risks. So how is this video resonating with American parents? Based on the more than 9,000 comments the video has racked up on Facebook so far, it seems to have started a lively conversation. See for the video for yourself below!

Unlike Americans, Europeans don’t view recess as a waste of time.Like ATTN: on Facebook.

Publicerat av ATTN: den 8 mars 2016

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