Wheel of Fortune slammed for ‘ripping off another contestant’ during bonus round

Once again Wheel of Fortune fans are up in arms after they believe the bonus round was messed up yet again.

This time; however, the internet is divided on whether or not the contestant said the correct answer and if she said it in time.

Keep reading and let us know what you think.

During the February 23 episode, Tamara Atkins won the game show, giving her a chance at the bonus round.

For the final puzzle she chose “What Are You Doing?,” and her clue was “_ _ _N_NG A B_ _ _  _L_B” after the letters she guessed were added in.

The clock started and Atkins immediately said “fanning a,” but quickly realized that wasn’t correct. You could see she was trying to think of the correct answer, but it wasn’t coming to her.

Just as time was about to run out she mumbled something before shouting “book club… Running a book club!”

The buzzer sounded and the answer was revealed.

“Joining a book club.”

“You were right there. Got there a little late unfortunately. By the time you got to “book club,” time was running out on you,” Pat Sajak said before revealing the $50,000 prize hidden in the golden envelope.

Atkins wasn’t too upset with the loss as she still walked away with over with $21,132.

Although some of the fans didn’t agree with the outcome.

“Ayo y’all did Tamara dirty she got that bonus puzzle at the last second like wtg,” one person wrote on X.

“Wheel of Fortune – the contestant got the puzzle right – you messed it up again!” someone else said.

There were also plenty of fans who agreed with Sajak, noting that Atkins didn’t attempt to argue so she knew she didn’t solve the puzzle.

“R was provided already. She clearly said running a book club. People saying the show cheated her are wrong. Sorry. But at least she did well in the regular rounds.”

“Running and joining are two completely different words!”

I think it’s pretty clear that unfortunately Tamara did not solve the puzzle. What do you think. Share your thoughts with us on Facebook.


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