Woman buys ring for 13 bucks – 30 years later its incredible value is revealed

When checking the quality of a diamond, you often look at what we call the four Cs: clarity, color, cut and carat.

Each play a pivotal role when choosing a diamond ring.

For many, of course, a a fifth C is just as important: cost. 

Let’s face it ­– price matters. Especially when you’re buying a diamond ring. Having said that, cost was probably the last thing on the mind of this lady from England when she was on a bargain hunt at a flea market 30 years ago.

It was at a flea market just outside of London, in the 1980s, that the woman stumbled upon a few pieces of jewellery that caught her eye.

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The pieces looked pretty old and worn out, but one particular ring caught her attention. She thought it would be perfect for everyday use. You know – that piece of jewellery you wear to work or while running errands.

The London woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, thought she had made quite the bargain by finding a “crystal ring” for 13 dollars at the flea market.

Little did she know that she had just made an extraordinary investment.

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The woman wore the ring every day without actually knowing what it was worth, the Telegraph reports.

It took 30 years before she decided to take the ring to a local jeweller to get it appraised. What she discovered left everyone shocked.

The “crystal ring” turned out to be a 26.27-karat diamond ring. The value? $46,000 USD.

According to experts, the stone is very old and most likely from the 19th century, when diamonds were abraded differently. Diamonds are known for their intense sparkle but this diamond seems to have hidden its sparkle for years – fooling just about everyone.

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The ring was sold at the popular action house Sotheby’s on June 7.

The piece was expected to go for just under $46,000 USD, but was sold at almost double that price – for an impressive $83,000 USD.

So maybe next time you clean out your jewellery box, take a good second look through… Perhaps without knowing it, you’re holding onto a hidden treasure that’s worth a fortune.

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