10 pictures that prove chickens are the best moms in the entire animal kingdom

Most are amazing.

They take care of us, they give us all their love, and they’re always there for us when we need them the most.

And we’re not just talking about all the amazing human mamas in the world, but also about all the mothers in the animal kingdom. Including hens.

Hens have been known to adopt the baby chicks of other hens and take care of them as if they were their own. And they’ve also been known to adopt the babies of other animals that need a little extra warmth.

Have a look at these wonderful moms and their little “children.” It’s impossible not to feel all warm and fuzzy when you see these!

1. Hen and puppy

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2. Hen protecting kittens on a stormy night

© Reddit

3. Lots of kittens to keep track of!

© Bored Panda

4. Hen with pigeons

© Pinterest

5. Babysitting for a cat mother

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6. Hen and piglet

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7. Gertrude the Chicken with her adopted children

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8. Sweet! 🙂

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9. Hen with Rottweiler puppies

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10. Can a chicken adopt a hen?

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Animals really have a unique ability to take care of each other — regardless of shape, breed, or species.

Chickens are an excellent example of this, and we hope everyone shares this article so that more people understand how wonderful animals are!

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