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13 Things That Demonstrates Why Cats Are The Best Pets. Number 8 Explains Why I Have A Cat.

In a lot of ways, cats are loveable animals. But there’s always someone who doesn’t like them or their behaviour. For every person that adores them – someone dislike them. We also know that cats ain’t perfect, but here’s a list that explains why they are worth all the vacuum cleaning in the world.  

Cats are amazing to cuddle with – and they don’t care who or what you are.


Their purring is one of the most soothing and pretty sounds on the planet.


They are trained to go to the toilet so there will never be any “accidents”.


Cats are pretty small and will leave more space than dogs.


Cats are independent. They don’t need that much attention and are some of the least demanding pets there is.


Since they don’t need to bath they need a little extra support.


They are hilarious to play with since their athletic abilities allow them to do crazy things.


Do you see yourself as a cat person it’s likely to believe that you’re more intelligent than a dog person.


Cats can be left home alone during the day (of course with food and water) and you never have to worry about their well-being.


They are curious and can not avoid discovering the world that surrounds them.


As a natural protecter they get very attached.


With a cat you’ll get a long-lasting company since their lifespan is an average of 14 years longer than the majority of pets.


Cats care about the people that are close to them. If you allow them, they will quickly become a member of the family and not just a pet.


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