29-year-old nurse “marries” his 5-year-old patient

Sometimes life is cruelly unfair—especially when young children are struck with something as awful as cancer.

But young Abby is so much more than her illness—she’s happy, full of life, and has big dreams for the future. In addition, she has a best friend who lights up her days. And then there’s the fact that Abby grew so fond of her nurse Matt Hickling that she told him that she wanted to marry him.

And he responded by organizing a “wedding.”

This is Abby. She’s five years old and suffers from acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Every day, she visits nurse Matt Hickling to get her shots. And she’s become quite attached to him.

One day, Abby told her mother that she wanted to marry Matt, and she wanted to put a ring on his finger the next time she saw him. Abby’s mom called Matt and told him about her daughter’s plans, and the nurse decided to take it one step further.

He arranged a surprise “wedding.”

Matt dressed in a tuxedo T-shirt and asked Abby if she wanted to take him as her husband. And, of course, she said yes.

They exchanged candy rings and fed each other wedding cake.

The whole family was gathered and Abby’s hospital room was decorated with lovely bouquets and flower petals. Matt lifted Abby to take the classic wedding photo.

“Hopefully this is a day that Abby and her family will always remember and smile about when the times are tough! I know that I will!” Matt wrote on their “wedding” day.

What a fantastic gesture by Matt and the other hospital staff who helped! They helped Abby forget her disease, needles, and chemotherapy treatments for a while. And he also gave her a memory for life.

Now, it’s been a year since the “wedding” and Abby is on the mend.

“She’s doing wonderful! Still on track for finishing treatment in October and she gets to start kindergarten in the fall,” her mother said, according to Hefty.

Watch Abby and Matt’s wedding here:

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