3-Week-Old Kitten Rescued From Devastating Fire.

In October 2015, a tiny kitten in Pennsylvania was an innocent victim of arson when a man set his neighbor’s car on fire and destroyed it, along with his garage. The stray kitten, later named Logi, after the Norse god of fire, happened to be camping out in the garage at the worst possible time. But luckily, some heroic firefighters heard his meows and discovered him. Logi suffered many wounds, including the loss of an ear, and it didn’t look like he would make it. But the three-week-old proved to be a fighter, and with some help from some kind souls, he made a miraculous recovery. Read brave Logi’s story below.    

Logi was only a few weeks only when he was rescued from a fire in Pennsylvania in October 2015. Members of the Stroud Township Volunteer Fire Department found him with in a burning garage with one of his ears and some chunks of his fur burned off.

“We were actually pulling debris and garbage out of the fire and heard meowing underneath a shelf,” Stroud Township Volunteer Firefighter Matthew Smalley told WNEP News Station.

Logi 1
Bethany Smalley

They rushed Logi to an emergency vet, who treated him immediately. Despite fighting an infection, losing his ear, being in danger of losing some toes, and permanently losing some of his fur, Logi remained cheerful.

Logi 2
Bethany Smalley

And he had good reason to be happy. Volunteer firefighters David and Matthew Smalley and their sister, Bethany Smalley, all grew attached to the adorable kitten and decided to keep him.

Logi 6
Bethany Smalley

“He’s such a sweetheart and my dog adores him,” Bethany told LittleThings. “He’s starting to understand that he’s a part of our family now, we’re definitely keeping him.”

Logi 8
Bethany Smalley

“Our miniature panther is growing every day and showing off his battle scars more and more,” Bethany shared in an update. “His injuries are definitely not slowing him down, though, he runs through the house chasing balls and string (and toes — ouch!) and playing like a typical kitten should.”

Logi 7
Bethany Smalley

Thanks to these firefighters who risk their lives not only for the humans in their community, but also for the animals among them. How wonderful that the very kitty they saved touched their heart and is now brightening their lives with his adorable presence. What a perfect gift for true heros! 

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Logi is one of the lucky ones, but his story is a good reminder to make escape plans for our own four-legged friends in the event of an emergency.

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