3-year-old disappears without trace in the woods, 15 hrs later they see a dog in the forest and rush there

Do you have a toddler? Or have you ever had one? Then you know that one second your child might be right next to you, and the next, they’ve vanished into another room or behind a chair somewhere.

Little kids are full of energy and curiosity, and it isn’t always easy to keep track of them.


This story is about a three-year-old named Victoria. She disappeared from her home in Cordes Lakes, Arizona one cold February evening.

She thought her dog, Blue, had disappeared, so she went outside to look for him.


By the time the little girl’s parents discovered what had happened, it was already too late. Their beloved little girl had gotten lost in the woods behind their house and was nowhere to be found.

The entire community searched the woods for Victoria as a helicopter looked from above.

Then after 15 long hours, the helicopter spotted something down on the ground — a little girl lying in a ditch.

It was Victoria, and beside her was her dog, Blue


Blue had stayed by Victoria’s side all night, even as the temperature dropped below freezing.

When the rescue crew found her, Victoria had frostbitten hands, but she had otherwise managed to survive the night unharmed in the frozen woods.

According to police, Victoria’s injuries could have been much worse if Blue hadn’t kept her warm all night.


Victoria’s parents were thankful to have their daughter back after an agonizing night apart.

“I am very thankful that I’m able to hold her now and talk to her and everything else. She’s just all smiles right now, and she’s talking very good and is very happy. She loves that dog,” Victoria’s father, Ernest Bensch, told CNN.

Watch a video about Victoria and Blue’s story here:

Isn’t it wonderful that Blue found Victoria when she need help the most?

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