32-year-old monster who bit, kicked and beat his dog now sentenced to jail

A 32-year-old man has been sentenced to prison for animal abuse. According to his trial reports, he repeatedly bit, beat and kicked his dog between June and October 2015, according to tv2.no.

Photo source: Shutterstock. The dog in the picture is in no way related to the dog in this story.

The man from Norway had his court date on October 4th, 2017. The man was reported to repeatedly kick and beat his dog with incredible force causing him immense pain.

On what was at least one occasion, the dog suffered from pain in the rib cage area as a result of violence, according to tv2.no.

A monster

The man has also been charged with biting his dog so hard, it caused wounds.

Reports also indicate that the man would leave the puppy on his own for long periods of time and never brought him to the vet for any check ups. Therefore, he has also been charged with neglect.

He is now sentenced to 21 days in prison, with a probationary period of two years. The man is also forbidden to own a dog for the next five years.

“The court is taking in particular account the fact that this a case of a relatively long and serious violence against and neglect towards the same puppy,” the trial reports indicates.

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