7 surprising reasons why you should sleep with your dog in bed every night

Is it good or bad to have your dog sleep in your bed with you? Dog owners have different opinion on this issue. Some think it’s unhygienic, while others think it’s good for both them and their dog. But now research shows that there are actually many advantages to letting your dog curl up in bed with you.

The results of a study from the Center for Sleep Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona in particular are really exciting for all of us animal lovers.

Among the 150 participants, 56 percent said they share a bed or bedroom with a dog or cat. And among this group, 41 percent say that their pets actually make them sleep better at night. The explanation is that the animals helped their humans relax and feel confident, leading to a better night of sleep.

Still not convinced? Scroll down to discover seven reasons why letting your dog sleep with you in bed is a good idea.

1. They give you comfort

Sleeping in the vicinity of a loved one brings a sense of comfort, and a snuggle from a best friend puts most people in a better mood before going to sleep.

2. They help you fall asleep

I often have trouble falling asleep at night, and I know many other people who have the same problem. But a dog reduces stress and calms you down, which also makes it easier for you to sleep.

3. They reduce stress and anxiety

There is ample evidence that dogs reduce stress. For example, therapy dogs reduce stress in sick people.

4. They provide warmth

Dogs like to be close. When I had a dog, he would always be on my feet when we were sleeping. It could be a problem in summer, but during the cold winter months, it was wonderful to have a little extra warmth in bed.

5. They reduce depression

Dogs give unconditional love. For people who suffer from depression, this can actually make them feel better.

6. They make you feel safe

Most people feel safer knowing that another person is at their side. Some people prefer sleeping next to their partner, while others think that their dog or cat gives just as much security.

7. They get just as much out of it

Humans aren’t the only ones to benefit from this sleeping arrangement. Dogs also appreciate it. No one else in the world loves your dog as much as you, so snuggling in bed will brighten your dog’s life, too.

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