9 signs that your cat really loves you

Some accuse cats of not being particularly ‘nice’, but that’s hardly true. More true perhaps is that cats can be rather mysterious, especially when compared to dogs.

It’s indeed often easier to interpret a dog’s feelings, but, as it turns out, cats do also show what they feel — albeit in perhaps more subtle ways.

You need some knowledge and to closely observe your cat’s habits to interpret the signs. Most of us know what it means when a cat purrs, but there’s so much more to look out for if you really want to get to know your cat!

Here are 9 signs that your cat loves you very, very much.

# 1 Love bites… but hopefully not too hard!

It may sound unexpected, but according to veterinarian Elizabeth Colleran, “love bites” are actually a form of communication from your cat.

Cats generally have the instinct to give little nips, especially when they feels overexcited or overstimulated, but there is another good reason a cat might do so. A more loving one.

Cats are also driven to bite in moments when they feel a strong sense of bonding, according to Care.

# 2 Your cat follows you like your shadow

If your cat constantly follows you and wraps around your legs then there is a good chance that it really loves you.

According to Catster, this kind of behavior reveals that your cat is interested in you and wants to be wherever you are. Even cats who are not usually so loving can express affection just by being near you.

# 3 Purring

Purring is perhaps the best known and most obvious sign that your cat loves you.

Although cats can also pur when they feel threatened or nervous, they more commonly do so when they’re happy and  relaxed. So if your cat often purs next to you on the couch, then you can rest assured that it likes you and is feeling really good!

# 4 Kneading

Another clear sign of your cat’s love and devotion is the phenomenon known as “kneading”. My cat usually always does this when it lays on my stomach!

This is a wonderful sign conveying that it feels completely satisfied with life and as safe as it felt with its mother when it was just a kitten.

# 5 Fluttering blinks, aka “Kitty Kisses”

Out in the wild, animals closing their eyes is said to be the ultimate sign of trust, satisfaction and love.

If your cat shoots you a friendly look and suddenly slowly opens and closes its eyes, then you’ve earned yourself a kitty kiss.

Your cat wants to tell you that it loves you and trusts you more than anything. Try to answer back by shooting back a regular blink. Your own blink will tell the cat “I am kind”, according to cat expert Susanne Hellman Holmström.

# 6 Brings you presents

Most cat owners have gotten an… interesting gift from their cat, at some point or another.

Small birds and mice may not be the nicest, but these actually says quite a bit about your cat. If your kitty captures animals and proudly brings them to you, it is a sign of gratitude and love.

LiveScience explains: “By leaving a dead animal on the back porch, your cat is acting out its natural role as mother and teacher. You, her loving owner, represent her surrogate family.”

# 7 Watch its tail!

Cats’ tails are very telling and can communicate a lot.

A slightly bent, hanging tail means; “I feel safe”.

A high tail means “Hello, here I come!” and the higher the tail is, the more interested the cat is in you.

If your cat wraps its tail around your legs, it means it feels safe with you — and of course, that it may be asking for a treat.

# 8 Shows its belly

Showing you its belly is a cat’s utmost sign is trust, since the stomach is a cat’s most vulnerable area.

The belly contains all its vital organs, and so instinctively, this is the area of its body it most protects.

Thus, when your cat lays on its back and exposes himself openly to you, it is telling you, without a doubt, that it loves you and trusts you.

# 9 Head bumping

When your cat bumps your head, it’s just another way to rub its face against yours.

Cats have several glands that secrete pheromones and each one is unique, just like our fingerprints. When your cat tries to leave its scent on you, it’s trying to mark its territory and say, “You are mine!”.

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