A 2-year-old girl met a sick pitbull at an animal shelter and refused to leave without the loving animal

Pitbulls are one of the least adopted and most misunderstood breeds. We love these gentle canines, but understand that their reputation has been shaped by their mistreatment or consequent aggression. This little girl was not going to let all of the stereotypes affect how she felt about one furry friend.

Source: Youtube/The Dodo

There is nothing quite as pure as the bond between children and their pets. Sometimes it even seems as though they have their own methods of communicating or understanding one another.

When “G,” an adorable two-year-old girl, met a pitbull at a shelter she went to with her mother, it was love at first sight. The child immediately fell for the sick dog and convinced her mother to bring the animal home as a new addition to the family. 

Source: Youtube/The Dodo

In a video posted by The Dodo, the young girl’s mother explained:

“She pointed to the doggy shaking in the back. My daughter wanted to meet her more than any other dog at the shelter that day. She didn’t have a name. She stunk like mange and she had snot running from her nose. And G said, ‘mommy, that one,’ She asked me to ‘let the doggy out, need help.’ She panicked and refused to walk when we attempted to take her out. G took the leash and was so patient with her.”

When the pitbull was let out of the cage at the shelter, the young girl was incredibly patient with the scared animal. The new friends were permitted to interact in a pen at the shelter. 

Source: Youtube/The Dodo

They ran around together, bonding immediately. G used the dress she was wearing to help clean the goo out of the dog’s eyes and to wipe her runny nose.

Her mother explained that the little girl uttered the phrase, “Doggy sick, need help” not long after they met the pitbull.

G pet the dog incessantly, giving it endless hugs and kisses despite the animal being in a less-than-pleasant state. Her mother was amazed by her kindness. 

The shelter dog was put back in the cage after their time in the pen was over, and the poor animal immediately began shaking again. G, undeterred, continued repeating:

“Sick doggy, need help, go home.”

G’s mother listened to her daughter’s pleas, and the family adopted the dog that the toddler had fallen in love with. Renamed Scarlett, this pitbull has never been so loved. 

Source: Youtube/The Dodo

G and Scarlett are reportedly inseparable now, and Scarlett is in perfect health. Cleaned up and happier than ever, Scarlett has found a forever home with the sweet toddler who gave her a chance.

We can see how special this bond between child and dog is!

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