A Dark Shadow Appears Under The Puppy. But When They Kiss… This Is Unbelievable!

I’ve seen dogs become friends with birds, cats hugging mice, and dears playing with lambs. Yes, friendships between different animal species isn’t all that unusual. But this said, I truly never thought I’d ever see this… It all begins with puppy Sasha, a labrador and golden retriever crossbreed. During a picnic by Lake Mead in Las Vegas, she decides to take a bath while her owner is waiting in the boat…


A big black fish approaches Sasha in the water. But what happens at this point is rather strange.

The fish and the puppy appear to become friends and even swim together for a couple of minutes. After a couple of spins with each other, they meet in what looks like an affectionate kiss. Incredible!


Sasha’s owner and his friends watch everything from the boat and can’t believe what they’re seeing, especially as the animals kiss. They recorded everything, and, needless to say, the clip has since gone viral, with over one millions views on YouTube. You can see for yourself below.

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