A dark shadow swims up to the puppy – but when they start kissing… Incredible!

I’ve seen dogs that befriend birds, cats that hug mice, and deer that play with lambs. In the animal kingdom, bonding between species is not uncommon. But this is something I never imagined I’d see…

Sasha is a Labrador/golden retriever mix. During a recent excursion on Lake Mead in Las Vegas, she swam while her owner watched from a boat.


A large black fish approached the puppy and what happened next was amazing.

The fish and puppy became instant best friends and swam together for about two minutes. After swimming a couple of laps around each other, they seem to give each other a kiss. Unbelievable!


Sasha’s owner and his friends watched from the boat and couldn’t believe their eyes when the fish and puppy kissed. Luckily, they filmed the whole event, which millions of people have already seen online. Check it out here:

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