Baby deer walks up to young girl – now watch carefully when she extends her hand

The Herring family have just arrived at their cottage and are unpacking their car. Suddenly, a sweet little fawn is seen walking toward their daughter Maya. But no one expected what would happen next.

Let’s just say that Maya and the adorable fawn really hit it off.

Pretty soon, it’s clear that the deer does not want to leave her new friend’s side. According to the family, the fawn’s mother was likely hunting for food for her newborn and therefore it was left alone.

Maya accompanied the little fawn into the forest to help it find its mom. Thankfully, a few days later, the Herring family saw a family of deer and were reassured that they had been reunited. What an adorable little story! I think baby deer have to be some of the cutest animals out there– they’re definitely my personal favourite.

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