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Abandoned Dog Remains In A Shelter For 6 Years. Then A Hollywood Star Steps In, And Everything Changes.

When Freya was six months old, she landed at the Freshfields Animal Rescue shelter in Liverpool, England. But finding her a new home was far from easy. In six years, Freya was rejected by potential owners as many as 18,000 times. Eventually, staff began to fear that the dog would live her whole life in the shelter, without a loving family to take care of her.

Then, a Hollywood star heard about Freya’s situation, and everything quickly turned around.

It was heartbreaking for the staff of the Staffordshire, England animal shelter to watch bull terrier Freya’s fate play out.

“She has been here many years and is constantly overlooked, which breaks our hearts as we adore her. We do not understand why she has been overlooked,”Kate Jones at the animal shelter told the Mirror.

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“Every year we update her age on the website and it absolutely breaks our hearts to see her getting older and has never had a home. She is a beautiful girl, so loving and friendly. She is our big baby,” Kate Jones told the Mirror.

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Freya also has epilepsy, something the shelter staff hardly believed would increase her chances of being adopted—when she had already been rejected a total of 18,720 times.

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But after reading the article about Freya in the Mirror, where she was called “Britain’s loneliest dog,” Hollywood film director Michael Bay decided to do something about it.

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Bay, whose films include “Pearl Harbor” and “Armageddon” and currently working on a new Transformers movie, made Freya a special.

“Found this in the news last week in the UK. We gave the Loneliest Dog a role in “Transformers.” Freya has epilepsy and has been in a shelter her whole 6-year life. We are also going to find her a home. If not, she will come to my house. Welcome to the cast, Freya!” Bay wrote on Twitter.

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Imagine—Freya will now be a world-famous actor, who is also guaranteed a home in the near future, all thanks to Michael Bay reading an article and deciding to make an effort!

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You can keep up with the progress of Freya’s adoption process on her Facebook page, and it seems that she is finally close to being adopted..

“I’ve just got back from an afternoon at my potential new families house and as you can see it went really well. Teddy still loves me (actually I love him too) and Joan is happy to share the couch with me, she just doesn’t like me bouncing around so I’m trying my best to be calm. They’re coming over to the rescue on Monday to see me again,” Freya wrote in her diary.

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I’m so happy that everything seems to be working out for Freya and that she’ll soon be with a loving family. And imagine, if for the power of the internet, nobody would have seen the article, and Freya’s life may not have turned around!

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