Abandoned puppy gets new owner – check out when he realizes who it is

Poor little Mojo got a rough start in life. When the pit bull was four months old, he was surrendered to an animal shelter. Athough he was still just a puppy, Mojo had been neglected and was completely covered in mange.

But thanks to a kind-hearted guy named Joey Wagner, the seet pit bull was given a second chance… and it’s something he’ll never forget.

Joey Wagner runs the Baie Ste. Marie Animal Society of Clare, a non-profit shelter in Nova Scotia, Canada.

One day back in 2013, a pit bull puppy named Mojo was brought to the shelter, and it was a meeting that will always hold a special place in Joey’s heart.

Image Source: Hope For Mojo (Facebook)

Mojo’s mange was so bad that Joey said his “whole body was a complete scab.”

Joey knew he had to do something right away, so he rushed Mojo to the vet, where the puppy was immediately put in intensive care.

“The look he gave me, I knew that he wanted to live. So, we did everything we could,” Joey told the CBC.

Image Source: Hope For Mojo (Facebook)

Once in the vets’ care, Mojo’s journey back to health and happiness began.

After a week in intensive care, Mojo was well on his way to making a fully recovery. But there was still one big challenge…

Finding a new, loving home where he would feel safe and loved.

Image Source: Hope For Mojo (Facebook)

Finally, Mojo was ready to meet his new owner… and the moment he saw who came to pick him up is just wonderful.

It was Mojo’s guardian angel, Joey. And judging by Mojo’s reaction, he never forgot what Joey did for him.

Mojo couldn’t stop kissing and cuddling his new ower. It a truly wonderful moment, and one that brought me to tears.

Watch Joey and Mojo’s moving reunion here:

Today, Mojo is feeling well and is enjoying his life with Joey.

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