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Abused dog is left to die on the street – then some heroes do the thing right

I always get pissed off when I see an animal that’s been abused. The fact that some people don’t know any better makes me lose faith in humanity.

But just when I think there’s no hope left, I hear about some animal lovers who refuse to let animals die, and instead give them the best life possible.

Just like these people from Puerto Rico and New York who changed everything for a homeless dog named Caci.

The volunteers at the New York Bully Crew will never forget the first time they saw Caci’s face.

In early April, they received a horrific photo of a pit bull from Puerto Rico. The dog’s face was swollen and she had probably been beaten and left to die on the street.

Image Source: YouTube/New York Bully Crew

The animal organization in Puerto Rico that sent the photo wanted to know if there was a chance that the New York Bully Crew could help poor Caci get some financial support for urgent medical care.

And they didn’t hesitate for a second.

Image Source: YouTube/New York Bully Crew

It was then that Caci’s life started to turn around. Vets began treating Caci with life-saving medicine. They put a tube in her face to bring down the swelling – because at the time, Caci could barely see anything at all.

After a few days, Caci was already looking better. The swelling started going down, and the vets could see Caci’s cheeks taking shape. But Caci’s journey wasn’t without it’s ups and downs. Her face became infected with parasites and infections and things were touch and go for a while. Still, neither Caci nor the vets gave up.

Image Source: YouTube/New York Bully Crew

Caci’s story spread across social media and donations poured in to cover the cost of the brave dog’s treatment.

And then one day, there was another breakthrough.

Image Source: YouTube/New York Bully Crew

Caci felt so good that she was ready to be moved from Puerto Rico to New York. Caci had recovered, her face was back to normal, and she looked like any other sweet dog!

Caci’s story touched many people – and today, she’s not just a happy dog. She also has a new foster family that gives her all the love she needs and deserves. Now, she enjoys cozy evenings on the couch, tummy rubs, yummy food, and lazy days playing with other dogs.

Image Source: YouTube/New York Bully Crew

The fact that Caci got a second chance in life is fantastic. But what I want to point out is that it was all made possible by a person who stopped, saw a poor little dog on the street, and acted.

I’m so grateful that these people dedicate their lives to help dogs like Caci. Many people doubted she’d survive. But Caci fought and survived. After all, her name means “brave” in Gaelic.

All dogs deserve a life of love and happiness. Share if you agree!

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