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After A 12-Hour Struggle, Freedom The Horse Finally Breaks Out Of Death Trap.

One day when horse breeder Marek Slodkowski went into his barn, he was met with a frightening sight. His beautiful horse Freedom had stepped through the wooden floor and was stuck in a 4-ft (1.5 m) deep maintenance hatch. Though she fought hard, she couldn’t lift herself up. Slodkowski, who has worked with horses for 13 years, had never seen anything like it. Panicked, the horse breeder tried to think of how to pull Freedom out. He tried stuffing hay through the hole so Freedom could step up onto it and climb out. But unfortunately, the idea didn’t work. Marek next phoned the fire department. A group of muscular men soon arrived and tried to lift Freedom out of the door with rope. But unfortunately, they weren’t strong enough. At this point, Freedom was on the verge of collapse. She could no longer stand on her own.

“Don’t die. Don’t die. It will be OK,” Marek whispered desperately in the horse’s ear.

After a few hours, it was almost as if Freedom could no longer bear being down in the hole. The horse suddenly tried a different way of climbing. Then, with a little help from the firefighters, she finally manage to free herself!

You have to see the video to understand how smart and strong Freedom is. On this day, the horse really earned her name. What an incredible story!

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