Animal abusers tie firecrackers to dog’s tail and set them alight – he’s left fighting for his life

There’s a reason dogs are commonly referred to as man’s best friend; they’re amongst the most loyal companions a human being can ever have.

Unfortunately, that unwavering obedience and trust can sometimes be exploited by people who take pleasure in harming our four-legged friends.

Just take little Tango, for example, a faithful soul who was tortured and left severely maimed by animal abusers …

The website Let’s Adopt International tells the story of a dog named Tango, who suffered through an ordeal that almost cost him his life.

Let’s Adopt International

Tango has an attitude that every dog lover dreams of: He’s friendly, gentle, trusting and always ready to greet people with a happily wagging tail.

But life would change for this poor pup when the unimaginable happened to him.

He encountered a group of animal abusers who thought it would be amusing to tie firecrackers to his tail – and then light them.

WARNING! The following photo is not for the faint-hearted – it depicts evidence of one of the worst cases of animal abuse we’ve ever seen.

Let’s Adopt International

The organization Let’s Adopt International, responsible for saving Tango’s life after the attack, wrote on their website: “There is very little one can say after being faced with such horror. The images, the injuries to flesh and organs defy description. But we can tell you one thing… as a community, we are standing right by him and we are going to do EVERYTHING within our power to save his life.”

Fighting for his life

Tango spent more than a month in a veterinary clinic. He spent each of the 45 days fighting bitterly for his life.


The doctors did all they could to help this brave dog.

After surgery, Let’s Adopt International reported: “TANGO is in intensive care being treated around the clock for his injuries. Tango has large areas of necrotic muscle and skin as well as damage to his lower intestines. His tail fell off in our hands.”

Ever the fighter, however, Tango defied all the odds and survived. Today, he is happy and well.

He’s found a new family that can give him the love he deserves for the rest of his life.

You can watch the beautiful video of Tango and his new family below:

We are deeply shaken by what some people are capable of. Doing something like this to an animal should, in our opinions, carry the harshest of punishments.

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