Animal lover sets chained horse free, now look at the reaction that has taken the entire web by storm

No matter how much you chain a horse and tame it, it will always want to run free. 

It’s unthinkable that this kind of thing happens, but in Romania, horse owners commonly chain their horses’ front feet together to keep them from running away.

But horses are strong-spirited creatures, so it’s no surprise that even in chains, one horse from the Letea area was able to escape from its owners.

This is a timeless story we feel is too important not share with you again.

When Ovidiu Rosu, a veterinarian with the organization Four Paws discovered the horse, it was unable to keep up with its friends and had been forced into this awful way of moving around.

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Still, the horse tried its best to keep up.

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As a vet familiar with the chaining practice, Rosu knew what he had to do to release this horse from its suffering.

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After sedating the horse, Rosu set about freeing it from his chains. That’s when he noticed the deep cut above one of the horse’s hooves.

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Finally, the horse was unbound.

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When the horse awoke, it couldn’t help but show its sweet side and thank Rosu for his kindness.

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To see the rescue and learn more about Four Paws, check out the video below, which has had over 5 million views:

No horse should ever be chained and this is something that needs to stop — once and for all!

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