Animal Rescuers Didn’t Know Why Eagle Was So Irritated. But As Soon As She Was Freed, They Found Out.

This is the story not only of love in the air, but also of love brought to its knees. It’s the story of a poisoned lover and a recovery that took so long that the couple in question were almost separated forever. But thanks to the kindness of strangers, this story ends when that love took flight again. What am I talking about? Scroll through the pictorial below to follow this amazing story of love and renewal.

When Bridezilla was found on the forest floor in Nova Scotia, Canada, she didn’t have enough strength to lift her head or stretch her wings. She was separated from her mate and close to death.

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eagle 1

Birdzilla was taken to the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, where she arrived dehydrated and teeming with lice.

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eagle 2

Staff immediately put her under a heat lamp to make her more comfortable.

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eagle 3

They didn’t have to hold her down when they put her on the X-ray table. The wild animal was too weak to resist.

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eagle 4

She was diagnosed with lead poisoning from eating carcasses contaminated by lead bullet fragments. The staff then started treatment: a series of injections to clear the bird’s mineral-tainted blood.

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eagle 5

It only took a couple days before Bridezilla started to come around. But after four days, she became irritated.

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eagle 6

It was a good sign though. Her natural instincts were kicking in.

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eagle 7

Her caretaker wore an array of protective gear to protect himself from her talons.

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eagle 8

While Bridezilla grew increasingly impatient with life in captivity, she hadn’t fully recovered.

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eagle 9

Before they released Bridezilla into the wild, staff gave her a chance to stretch her wings.

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eagle 10

At last, Bridezilla cleared the lead out of her system and her strength returned. She was driven to the area where she was found and released into the wild.

eagle 11

Now, she had no trouble spreading her wings and lifting herself into flight.

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eagle 12

She flew to a nearby tree where she may have had a nest. Rehabilitation workers watched as another eagle appeared and dive-bombed Bridezilla.

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eagle 13

She was not happy about it and drove the other eagle away.

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eagle 14

Then another eagle arrived. And this one was different…

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eagle 15

It was her mate!

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eagle 16

The couple called to each other before Bridzilla left her tree to be with him.

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eagle 17

They sat together chattering for a long time.

eagle 18

And then they both took off together into the sky.

Since Bridezilla’s release, the lovely couple has frequently been sighted in the surrounding area.

This beautiful story of love and separation nearly brought me to tears. I’m so grateful for the efforts of the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in bringing these two lovebirds back together! Please share if you are too!

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