Annette starts retirement homes for horses – to be a haven for retired horses

Many who own horses get to a point when they are no longer to care for them. And that’s when the tragic happens — the horses are put down.

But there’s one horse lover now seeking to change all that. Annette Johansson has created a ‘retirement home’ for horses to grow old in.

“I want to start a conversation on the issue,” says Annette. “We must take responsibility for our horses even after their competition careers are over.”

There’s too little being said or done about the fate of horses once they’re done competing. Many horses are killed when they are no longer able to compete, and Annette wants to stop this.

A long-term dream

Annette has had the idea of a retirement home for horses for a long time and she’s now using her experience as a breeder, amateur trainer and lawyer to make a difference.

“Many coaches, owners and breeders find it difficult to relocate retired horses,” Annette tells local newspaper Hippson.

Facebook/Bellinga Hästcenter

A haven for horses

The idea is that the retirement home will be a haven for horses that can no longer compete, as well as horses whose owners for whatever reason are unable to care of them anymore. Annette previously cared for older retired horses and quickly got attached to them.

Bringing the issue to light

With her initiative Annette hopes to raise awareness about the issue of horses’ future, as many do not take responsibility for their horses after their competition careers end.


What a wonderful initiative. Let’s remember that horses also deserve to live their final days with dignity and not just be forgotten — please share if you agree!