Artist Creates Beautiful And Unusual Tribute To His Deceased Cat.

Anyone who’s had a pet pass away after several years of friendship knows how terrible it is. It’s an empty feeling and it seems like no pet will ever be able to live up to the friend you’ve just said goodbye to after so many years. Still, most of us settle for a picture or perhaps a burial place to remember our beloved pet. But not British artist Richard Saunders. He’s taken it a step further with a series of surreal tributes to his cat, Tolly. Check it out below!

This is The Topiary Cat.

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The Topiary Cat is a series of giant cat hedges inspired by the real cat Tolly.

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Tolly was a 12-year-old Russian Blue who Richard Saunders told the Independent was “a real character.”

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When Tolly died, Saunders was clearly devastated. Now, he’s paying tribute to his former pet in a very personal way.

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Saunders has painted surrealist images since he was a teenager, and he also likes to garden, so creating a series of surreal cat hedges came naturally to the artist.

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Although these photos look quite real, Saunders makes them in Photoshop.

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He combines images of landscapes with old photos of Tolly and then applies his stellar Photoshop skills to create the magical results.

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Saunders’ images of Tolly have recently gone viral and it’s not hard to see why. Amazing, for sure!

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