Baby Elephant Can’t Stop Showing His Love For The Woman Who Saved His Life.

When baby elephant Moyo was out walking with his family, they came to a river they had to cross. Moyo, was only a few days old, couldn’t handle the current. He was sadly swept away from his family, and nearly drowned. Thankfully, Moyo was discovered by a group of people who promptly took him to “Wild is life” in Zimbabwe, an organization that for 20 years has helped and taken care of injured, abandoned, and rescued animals. And it’s just there that Moyo would come to meet a person who would soon become his everything.

Moyo quickly seemed to have a liking for the organization’s founder, Roxy Danckwerts. He soon began to follow her everywhere. Soon enough, she was like his new mom.

Photo: YouTube

Moyo always wanted Roxy near – it made him feel safe and secure. He is now 14-months-old, but as fond of Roxy as ever. His growing size, however, does mean this poses a few extra challenges for the animal rescuer.

Photo: YouTube

Moyo sometimes underestimates his size – and strength.

Photo: YouTube

Take a look at an ordinary day in the lives of Roxy and Moyo in the adorable video below.

I hope that Moyo will live a long and happy life, and am so grateful to the work that people like Roxy do, day in and day out, to rescue animals in trouble. Share this adorable friendship if you agree.

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