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Baby forced to live in chicken coop and drink condensed milk has finally been rescued

Just about the worst thing anyone can do is hurt a defenseless child or animal. Yet, some people consciously do just that. It makes my blood boil. But thankfully, there are also some kindhearted people out there who refuse to stand by and let people abuse children or animals.

An orangutan named Budi didn’t have an easy start in life. As a baby, he ended up with a man who locked him in a chicken coop- all alone.

Life in the cage was detrimental to Budi’s health and spirit. But luckily, he was finally rescued – and has undergone a fantastic transformation!

Budi was rescued by International Animal Rescue after living in a chicken coop for 10 months. The orangutan’s previous owner only fed him condensed milk, which has little any nutritional value, and between the lack of nutrition and the extremely cramped quarters, Budi’s legs were malformed.

It was scary to see his distorted body – but Budi’s rescuers refused to give up. They did everything they could to save the little orangutan.

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Veterinarians worked around the clock to save Budi. He received nutritious food and pain medication.

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Thanks to International Animal Rescue, Budi got his health back, and now he’s feeling much better.

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Budi was rescued in December 2014, and for a long time, it was unclear whether he’d survive. But now he’s well and has several new friends. Watch this video to see him eating fruit with his friend Jemmi:

No animal should be treated like this, yet it still happens every day.

We can all make a difference by protecting animals and supporting animal rights organizations. Please share this with your friends so that more people can read Budi’s story.

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