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Baby Panda Is Not Happy When Mommy Tries To Give It A Bath.

Sure, baby sea turtles naturally turn toward the ocean after they hatch and baby kangaroos intuitively climb into their mothers’ pouches. But even in the animal kingdom, not everything is instinct. Take hygiene for example. When you see the adorable video below of a mother panda trying her best to get her baby to take a bath, you’ll see that cleanliness doesn’t come naturally to this panda cub. If anything, this baby’s instinct seems to be against taking baths. And I can understand why. That water does look a little cold and it would certainly mat my fur if I had any. But I have to commend the mom in this video for her parenting skills. She sticks to her principles even as her baby challenges her to a test of wills. And as every mother knows, getting a baby clean can be a challenge sometimes. But this mother’s dedication to instilling good hygiene habits in her baby will pay off in the end. I’m sure this little panda will grow up to be a well mannered panda who may even pass down that long tradition of taking baths to the next generation. Watch the adorable battle of wills below!

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