Big Jake Is A True Record Breaker. Meet The World’s Tallest Horse.

Belgian gelding Big Jake has a secure place in the Guinness Book of Records. At 82.75 inches (210.2 cm), he’s the world’s tallest horse.

Even when Big Jake was born, he was a towering figure and weighed 240 pounds (108 kilos), which is heavier than most adult humans. The 11-year-old stallion lives on Smokey Hollow Farms in Wisconsin and his owner Jerry Gilbert describes him as having a great temperament.

“He’s got a great personality. He’s very friendly. He loves to play around and play with people’s hair, and he’s kind of a good jokester,” said Jerry Gilbert.


When people see Big Jake for the first time, they often become completely quiet and it takes them a while to realize how big he actually is. And given his size, it’s nice that he has such a friendly personality…


After I watched the video below, I have to say, Big Jake looks like an incredibly lovable horse. And it’s hard not to be impressed by this majestic creature.

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