Boy Wants A Hug, But His Hen Senses Something’s Wrong. Now Her Reaction Is Charming Thousands.

Is there anything sweeter than children and their pets? I grew up on a small farm and had both chickens and sheep when I was little. It’s wonderful growing up so close to animals and I think kids can learn a lot about both responsibility and empathy when they help raise them. I’ve watched tons of clips of children and animals, but I’ve never seen a kid and an animal as close as little Mason and his hen are.

Mason has a favorite hen called Lovebird. They usually hug and Lovebird loves to curl up in Mason’s arms.

Chickens are intelligent animals and Lovebird is no exception. One day when Mason bent down to hug her, Lovebird discovered that something was wrong. Halfway into the hug, she pulled back and looked carefully at Mason. Something was different about him!

Indeed, Mason had gotten a haircut. At first, Lovebird seemed like she didn’t quite recognize him and had to take a few moments to inspect his hair. But it only took a few seconds before she realized that it actually was Mason and she crawled right back into his arms again.

Luckily, someone managed to film the sweet moment for all to see. Check it out!

I was so moved by this! What a beautiful relationship Mason and his hen have! Please share this clip with your friends if you also enjoyed it.

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