Boyfriend wants to prove he can look after pets – makes kitten tiny pancakes

Boyfriend wants to prove he can look after pets – makes kitten tiny pancakes

Our pets all love food – and we all love our pets – so when it comes to feeding them, only the best will do.

And this motto is one a couple from Iowa – Chase Stout and Kenzie Jones – live their lives by.

With a German Shepherd puppy called Huey and newly-acquired kitten, Mr. Wilson, the couple have their hands full, but make a lovely little family of four.

But the three boys were left on their own recently when Kenzie, who holds together everything in the house, went on a trip.

She had to remind Chase to feed the animals, but his response when she left, has sent the internet crazy.

Chase wanted to prove that he could take care of the couple’s beloved pets – so he cooked Mr. Wilson a very fancy breakfast.

He started by jokingly asking Kenzie a question:

Twitter/Chase Stout

Even though he was joking about the chocolate chips, he wasn’t joking about the pancakes. He made three for himself, and three mini pancakes for Mr. Wilson.

Chase told BuzzFeed News: “I made them just like I did mine, just with smaller dips of batter. Obviously I had a stack of three so my man Wilson had to have a stack of three as well.”

Twitter/Chase Stout

Mr.Wilson seemed to enjoy them very much – and him eating them is the cutest thing!

Twitter/Chase Stout

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