Bridesmaids ditch flower bouquets for rescue puppies in wedding day photos

Wedding days can one of the most rewarding but also most stressful days a couple will encounter. So, when the blushing bride happens to work for an animal rescue organization, perhaps the fitting cure for nuptial nerves is just a little canine love.

At least that’s what Sarah and Matt Crain realised on their big day. Instead of the traditional flower bouquets, their wedding party posed with adorable puppies.

It’s only fitting, too. The Pennsylvania couple are both notorious animal lovers, with rescue dogs of their own and a habit of fostering dogs before they’ve been given permanent homes.

Smiling from ear to ear, the five bridesmaids were photographed holding a litter of boxer-coonhound puppies, only 8-weeks old.

Image Source: Caroline Logan Photography

“The puppies, of course, caused the photos to be extra natural, candid, and carefree — exactly what I strive for in my work,” photographer Caroline Logan said. “The wedding party was loving all the puppy snuggles. 

And, of course, the bride chose her own 9-week-old pit bull mix (named Biggie Smalls having come from the streets of Brooklyn, New York) to pose with. 

Image Source: Caroline Logan Photography

All of the dogs came from Pitties Love Peace, the rescue organisation Sarah works for, and were soon fostered to their own new families.

Even the groom and his groomsmen had their chance to snuggle on-camera with the rescue puppies before the ceremony started.

Image Source: Caroline Logan Photography

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