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Brothers free bald eagle from a trap – and get the selfie of their lives

It’s not every day that you get the chance to take a selfie with a bald eagle. But once you do, you can bet it will be a moment to remember for the rest of your life.

Especially if you also saved the eagle’s life, as two Canadian brothers named Michael and Neil Fletcher did.

It was an late autumn day back in 2015. Brothers Michael and Neil Fletcher from Chelmsford, Ontario, were out wandering in the woods when they made a heartbreaking discovery: a bald eagle had gotten his foot caught in a trap.

The trap was clamped down on the eagle so hard that he could barely move—so the brothers immediately decided to act.

They slowly approached the eagle and carefully covered the bird’s head with a jacket, to try and help him calm down.

“At first, the eagle was a bit nervous to have my brother and myself there. But as soon as he realized we were trying to help, he kind of calmed down a little bit. His head would kind of move back and forth to look at us, but that was the most he’d do,” Neil Fletcher told CBC News.

After a few minutes of struggle, the brothers finally managed to free the eagle from the trap. And that was when Neil got an idea: why not take a quick selfie with the majestic bird of prey?

The eagle obliged—and instantly, the heroes were immortalized in a selfie for the ages.

Image Source: Facebook

After the incredible moment, the brothers released the eagle to fly away to freedom.

And now the brothers’ brave effort has been hailed by animal lovers across the world.

“I think it’s really great the Michael and Neil took the gumption to actually try and deal with the bird, because it’s quite a large, predatory bird with sharp claws and a sharp beak. Most people might be a bit hesitant to approach them,” ornithologist Chris Blomme told CBC News.

All the credit in the world to these two awesome guys who rescued the bald eagle! And what a lovely selfie they got, too! Please share this success story with all of your animal-loving friends on Facebook.

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