Budweiser PSA Uses The Power Of A Puppy’s Love To Help Stop Drinking And Driving.

Back in high school, I remember having to watch some gruesome videos in driver’s ed class that vividly displayed all the possible dangers that we might meet on the road. And while I was practicing for my license test, I faced some of those situations while out driving with my mom and my driver’s ed teacher: the icy roads, the pedestrians who came out of nowhere, and even a tree that fell on the road during a storm. But there’s one situation that students never practice under the supervision of parents or teachers: that moment when you’ve had a couple of beers and you’re deciding whether to drive home. Not only are you without a responsible adult to help guide you, your judgement is obviously impaired. It’s a scary situation, and when I was growing up, the public service announcement ads were almost as scary. In fact, they were so over-the-top that a lot of my friends didn’t exactly take them seriously. Now, a series of anti-drinking-and-driving PSAs from Budweiser is taking a new approach to PSAs. And they feature something we all love: adorable animals. This latest commercial features a coming-of-age story about a puppy who’s grown up with a human that it’s come to love and rely upon. But watch what happens when the human joins his friends for some drinks one night and doesn’t come home… The ending surprised me and made me actually want to share it with all of the teens I know. Which is something I never I would’ve done back in high school.

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