Calf Lucas Was Rescued At The Last Second. Now Watch When He Takes His First Steps On The Grass. Too Cute!

Newborn calf Lucas and his mother Ruby were about to face a terrible fate at a livestock auction in the Pennsylvania, USA. But when a woman showed up and made eye contact with mother Ruby, everything thankfully took a different turn.

The woman – who was originally planning to rescue horses, knew immediately that she could not let the two cows be slaughtered. She decided to join in the bidding, and soon Lucas and Ruby were on their way to brand new lives…

The woman in question, Kelly Smith, won the auction for both mother Ruby and her little calf Lucas. After claiming the animals, she took them straight to a veterinarian.

Both cows were in a terrible shape, and extremely ill after living in freezing cold pens without food or water, according to the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary Facebook page.

Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary (Facebook)

Luckily, both cows’ conditions improved. Three weeks later, they were in in good enough shape to leave the vet and finally be able to meet their new home. Ruby and Lucas were brought the Poplar Spring animal reserve, where they can now expect to live happily ever after together for the rest of their lives.

“We are so happy to be able to give this wonderful mom and baby a loving home,” the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary wrote on their wall.

And so far, the cows are certainly thriving and doing extremely well. The beautiful video posted on Facebook shows little Lucas feeling real grass for the very first time of his life. Just look how happy and cute little Lucas is!

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