Cat comes home with a special friend, when owners look closer they can't believe their eyes
Cat and fawn

Cat comes home with a special friend, when owners look closer they can’t believe their eyes

Anyone who’s had an outdoor cat knows that they love to bring surprises home.

These often include strange gifts such as dead rats and other unpleasant things they find on their excursions…

But sometimes they come back home with surprises that just make our hearts melt.

This is definitely one of those times.


On this particular day, this cat definitely didn’t bring home a dead bird or mouse.

Instead, he brought home a friend who was very much alive. A friend from the woods who must have been curious to see what was inside the house the cat had lead him to.

The cat entered his house the normal way, through the flap on the door. His new friend tagged along the same way.

An unusual sight

Let me put it this way, when the owners saw the friend they must have rubbed their eyes a couple of times to see if what they were seeing in their living room was actually real.

Lucky for us, the incident was caught on the house’s surveillance camera and it didn’t take long before the clip made its way to YouTube. It has since been watched an impressive 1.7 million times!

I mean how cute is this?

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