Cat feared gone forever during wildfire rushes toward her family when they finally find her

Our pets can mean the world to us. Losing them from one day to the next can be absolutely devastating.

When the deadly Camp Fire swept through the Werblow’s family home in Paradise, California, all was destroyed. But perhaps most tragic of all was the loss of their beloved cat, Timber.

But exactly one month later, the Werblows made a miraculous discovery when they visited the site of where their home once stood.

As the Werblows looked around, trying to salvage anything they could from the ashes and rubbish, they suddenly saw a familiar face in the distance. It was their miraculous survivor, Timber.

At first, the cat appeared a bit confused. It had been one month since she’d seen her mom and dad, and God only knows what unspeakable loneliness she’d felt during this time.

But she eventually recognizes her family’s familiar cries and rushes towards them.

“NEVER LOSE HOPE! One month today since the fire, we received an escort to my parents property & my cat Timber was discovered!! She’s alive. Praise God!! ❤️,” daughter Courtney Werblow wrote on Facebook.

Timber incredibly fared well despite her ordeal, and is now back exactly where she belongs: with her beloved family.

“After so much loss, this is a testimony of endurance, strength, and love,” Courtney said. “She is an amazing family cat and we are so happy to have her back into our arms.”

Watch the heartwarming reunion below:

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Hundreds of families have been affected by the devastating Camp Fire, but miracles like this truly prove that not all is lost. Share to celebrate Timber’s return!