Construction workers see lump of clay in a pit – wash it off and realize the truth

Anyone who rescues vulnerable animals for a living is an angel in my book.

There’s also countless amazing animals lovers out there, who might not necessarily work with rescuing animals but whose efforts to do so are incredible.

Just take these good-hearted construction workers in London as a perfect example of just that.

It was during an ordinary working day that the builders came across an unusual discovery on a construction site.

In a clay pit they saw what appeared to be an animal – completely covered in mud.

Even though they couldn’t tell what it was, the puzzled construction workers brought the little creature to the South Essex Wildlife Hospital.

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It was only when the helpful veterinarians in the animal hospital washed the animal that everyone understood what it was.

The construction workers had saved a four-month-old baby fox! Indeed, after a much needed bath, it became very clear that the little lump of clay was a fox.

The fox had probably fallen into one of the construction pits and gotten stuck in the mud. If the builders hadn’t found him, the fox would have probably choked to death.

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The fox was able to recuperate at the animal hospital where he rested and was given food and water by the veterinarians, who named him “Muddsey”, writes Hope For Paws.

As soon as he was feeling better, the little guy was sent back out to the world.

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I mean how adorable is this guy?

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Kudos to the sharp-eyed construction workers who spotted Muddsey!

Thanks to the builders, this little fox is able to continue to live and roam free in the wild. Something tells me he might have the cleanest fur in the woods 🙂

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