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Cop Saves Needy Puppy From Family Who Can’t Take Care Of Him Anymore. Amazing!

Sometimes the call of duty takes police officers in unexpected directions. But when those officers take their orders from the heart, the place they end up is always good.

And thanks to the kind hearts of two Ohio police officers, a needy puppy ended up in an especially good place—a new home.

After a family undergoing “heartbreaking circumstances,” was no longer able to care for their dog, they called the police. After when Officer Laura Clague of the Shaker Heights Police Department heard their story, she stepped in to help.

Although finding pets a new place to stay isn’t quite part of the job description for law enforcement, Officer Laura didn’t hesitate. She took the dog and promised the family that she’d “find a better solution than the animal shelter or trusting a stranger.”


Source: Shaker Heights Police Department (Facebook)

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Back at the station, Officer Laura started made some phone calls to see if anyone she knew might be able to give the puppy a home. That’s when Officer Laura’s colleague Matt Dunn walked in and saw the dog.

In an instant, Officer Matt’s heart melt.

“As fate would have it, his family was already in the process of looking for a dog,” the police department wrote on Facebook. “After a phone call to the dog’s owner, they were very excited and pleased to learn that one of our officers was willing to take the dog home.”

Source: Shaker Heights Police Department (Facebook)

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The police department acknowledged that the family’s request wasn’t a typical one, but they were happy to help, especially if it meant keeping a puppy out of harm’s way. Writing online, the department said, “Thanks for trusting us to do the right thing.”

Surrendering a dog is a difficult thing to do, but when keeping a dog does starts to do more harm than giving it away, it’s good to know that there are kind hearted people like Officer Matt out there who can give beautiful creatures like this puppy a good home.

Source: Shaker Heights Police Department (Facebook)

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